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December News


New MC Cable


Leviton's New Line of MiniLock Midget Locking Devices


Leviton's Black & White Line of Locking Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles




THE SOLUTION BOOK from Ilsco - Your source for connector requirements


EPR - Hypalon Building Wire From Omni-Cable


FEP Type K Hook Up Wire From Omni-Cable

Welcome to the December Issue of the Electrical Connection

"As you climb the ladder of success, be sure it's leaning against the right building." ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr

As we bring 2011 to a close we are looking ahead to a successful 2012. At American Electric we know that your success depends on a successful team, and a distributor you can count on is a vital part of that team. American Electric is ready to work with you for an aggressive and successful 2012. Count on American to bring you into 2012 with a bang.



New MC Cable


MC Cable is new from the ground up and available only from Southwire!

The new MC All-Purpose cable put the armor in constant contact with the aluminum ground, so the armor becomes the equipment grounding conductor.  Contractors simply cut off the ground at the armor, eliminating ground make-up in the box, reducing the number of wires and making wiring devices and cover plates easier to align and install.  So they save time on every box, outlet, light fixture and panel board.


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Leviton's New Line of MiniLock™ Midget Locking Devices

Leviton's newly-redesigned MiniLock™ Industrial Midget Locking Devices are ideal for industrial, commercial, and institutional settings where there is limited space for power connection. Leviton's new MiniLock Midget series includes all-nylon plugs and connectors, angle plugs and connectors, and flanged inlets and outlets; as well as metal flanged inlets and outlets.

The new Industrial MiniLock devices are built with the same rugged construction features that have made Leviton's full-size Industrial Locking Devices the preferred industrial choice


Leviton’s Black & White Line of Locking Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles
Engineered to meet the most demanding in-plant applications

For the industrial MRO

For the Industrial OEM


NEMA–configured plugs, connectors.  Industrial MRO and receptacles are the most widely used means of electrical connection and power distribution in plants throughout North America.
Features include:
• Supertough® nylon
• Single-piece connector contacts
• V-O rated flush receptacles

Integration of Industrial Grade Industrial OEM Black & White devices improves equipment reliability and stresses. A commitment to quality.
Features include:
• Speed assembly screws
• Bulk availability with terminal screws backed out
• Receptacles accept back or side wired termination

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For aluminum and/or copper conductors, ILSCO offers a range of standard connectors and labor-saving specialty products that will :

1) TAP a second circuit from an intermediate point on an electrical circuit. (For more information see: Compression Connectors, Mechanical Connectors, Power Distribution Blocks, Insulation Piercing Connectors(IPC), GTA/PTA, Split Bolts.)

2) SPLICE to join two cable ends. (For more information see: Compression Connectors, Mechanical Connectors, Insulation Piercing Connectors(IPC),or Split Bolts.)

3) TERMINATE to end or adapt a circuit. (For more information see: Compression Connectors or Mechanical Connectors.)

Visit Ilsco's website for more information



 Your source for connector requirements


The Solution Book offers Compression Connectors, Insulation Piercing Connectors, Power Distribution Blocks, Grounding Products, Underground Products, Heat Shrink Tubing, Co-ax Products, Tools and Specialty Products. Products are organized by application and wire range for easy identification of the right products for your particular job or application.

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EPR - Hypalon Building Wire


• Annealed tinned copper conductor, Class B stranding Conductor
• Flame-retardant Ethylene Proplyene Rubber (EPR) colored for contrast   Insulation
• Black low-lead Hypalon® Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) Jacket
• Used as power and control cables in dry and wet locations.
• Can be installed in raceways and open air
• UL 854-Service Entrance Cables


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FEP Type K Hook Up Wire


• Used as power and control cables in dry and wet locations.
• Can be installed in raceways and open air.
• Suitable for exposure to weather, direct burial, and for Class 1, Div.2   hazardous locations as per NEC Article 501-4(b).
• Sizes 1/0 AWG and larger are also listed and marked "For CT Use" in   accordance with the NEC Article 318
• UL 854-Service Entrance Cables


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