6 Things to Look for in Your Electrical Lighting

When it comes to lighting your business space, there are many factors to consider. American Electric is here to help you make the right call when it comes to lighting, so here are the 6 most important things you should look for when selecting a commercial lighting system.


Not only do you want the lights to look nice, but you want to create a pleasant work environment for your employees and customers. You should strive to have an even distribution of light across each room and fixtures that suit your style.

2. Functionality

Think about the functionality of each light fixture in your space. What is the best location for the fixture? What color and wattage will provide the best lighting in that room? Will the lighting be controlled by switches, dimmers, timers, motion detectors, or another type of controller?

3. Energy Efficiency

Now more than ever, it’s important to seek out more energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions such as LED lights. These lights last longer and will save you more money on energy consumption over time. Many of them also produce more pleasant light than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

4. Reliability

The lights and overall electrical system should be dependable and durable with all the daily activity in your office space. Skimping on your original system may result in wasting time and money on repairs, so opt for something of good quality from the start.

5. Safety

When it comes to any electrical issues, safety should be a top concern. Make sure you are not using more electricity than your outlets can handle. Match the right wattage between each bulb, fixture, and socket. Lastly, be sure that all wiring is safe and secure.

6. Building Codes

Every commercial space is subject to specific building codes. They are there to protect you, your employees and anyone that comes into the building. Work with a qualified electrician who understands the codes and regulations that affect your commercial lighting system.

These are just a few things to look for in your electrical lighting. To learn more about electrical lighting, contact American Electric today. From energy-saving strategies to beautiful lighting arrangements, we’ll make your office lighting the best it can be.